It's official!

04 May 2010

In just a few weeks, we will be gallivanting through the countryside of Ireland and Scotland! We can hardly wait for what will certainly be the summer of a lifetime.

Holly and I are busy tying loose ends, finding subleasers and making our final arrangements. Its been a little stressful with finals sneaking up on us and Holly preparing to graduate. We have plenty of thoughts, knowledge and excitement racing through our minds on a daily basis. It's hard to keep up!

We thought we'd tell you each of the cities we are traveling to. Feel free to provide suggestions for things to do or places to eat. Or, live in the anticipation of upcoming stories and adventures we'll be sharing.

Dublin - Edinburgh - London - Paris - Amsterdam - Berlin - Prague - Budapest - Vienna - Florence - Cinque Terre - Rome - Pisa - Venice - Dubrovnik - Athens - Ephesus - Nafplion

Keep checking back for reviews and stories!

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