Prague in a pinch

26 June 2010

Day 22: Prague - Wednesday, June 23rd
Our welcome in Prague was a bit rough. The bus was decent, but it's still an overnight bus. How enjoyable to they come? We arrived early and became frustrated quickly. Their currency is something else, really. We had some money troubles and a few directional issues, but eventually made it to our quaint hostel, Czech Inn. Clever, right?

The three of us napped on the lobby couches while Britta, who got a full night's rest on the bus, wandered Prague and discovered vineyards and other wonderful Czech treasures. We eventually made our way to the city center for the typical free tour. We were fairly pleased. We were taken through the new town, the old town and parts of the Jewish district.

We ditched the tour early and explored the squares and streets on our own. It was wonderful. We quickly fell in love with the city and it now ranks third on our list.

The old town square is home to the astrological clock, which gives a little show every hour on the hour between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. We made it a point to see the show, and there were tons of individuals that joined us.

We tried a traditional Czech dish of goulash and bread dumplings at Restrauce U Parlamentu, a recommendation from our friendly Czech Inn host. Yum! Goulash is great! It's a mix of pork and beef, a thick savory gravy and massive bread dumplings. The potato pancakes were pretty good, too.

Day 23: Prague - Thursday, June 24th
As it turns out, nearly every city has a castle. And they all just happen to be overseeing the city on a hill, which might have been convenient for security purposes and beautiful landscapes, but it's a bit of an annoyance in sandals and skirts. Let me tell you. Nevertheless, we hiked the hill to the castle and were rewarded with breathtaking views of Prague. The castle itself wasn't too impressive. I fell in love with others.

We also took time to check out the Lennon wall, which was much larger than we imagined. The wall is continually changing with new art and graffiti, making it a unique attraction every time you visit the city. We loved it.

Burnt out a bit, we checked out an open air market near the Old Town Square for a good portion of the late afternoon. It was great! The weather was fabulous, and we had the luxury of trying Czech wafers and pastries while we were there.

Later in the night we enjoyed a few Kozel beers at U Sudu, an underground labyrinth which consists of various bars. Britta and Heather schooled Holly and I in Foosball before we caught a tram back to the hostel for our final night in Prague. (We also jacked the cups from U Sudu because we wanted a legit souvie from Praha.)

Day 24: Prague - Friday, June 25th
After so many weeks of the same, dull clothing we needed to squeeze in a little shopping extravaganza! The four of us took a leisurely walk through the city, taking our time in a number of great stores and boutiques. It's relatively cheap to purchase clothes in Prague. And we took full advantage of the savings.

After a long day of shopping, we trekked up to a beer garden and basked in the beauty of Prague. The view was outstanding! There is no doubt that we will miss this city.

Our bus was another overnight service, so we left town around midnight and arrived in Budapest the following morning.

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