A quick visit to Vienna

26 August 2010

Days 27 - 29: Vienna - Monday, June 28th to Wednesday, June 30th
It took us three hours to get from Budapest to Vienna, and it was a painless three hours for us. When we arrived in Vienna, we knew that any conflicts that might arise would be much easier to deal with than the last country.

Hostel Ruthensteiner was easy to find, and it was a very comfortable stay. Our room was the size of a closet, but we hardly spent any time in it so it really didn't matter.

Vienna was a fabulous city. I wish we would have had more time in this city. We were there for two full days, and they were occupied by walking the streets and discovering the city's nightlife. During the day, we checked out the market and tried a few Austrian brewskis!

Our hostel was very social, and we were pleased to meet quite a few Americans. They kindly accompanied us to the Bermuda Triangle for some World Cup excitement and a few lemon-flavored beers. We couldn't complain about that!

Within these two days, we made our way to Prater Vienna. It's an amusement park that's been around for quite some time. They still have the old-school Ferris wheel working, too. Check out those mini carts! Let me tell you, these Austrian kids are nuts! All of the rides went upside down or flipped around really fast while squirting water at them and shaking violently. Crazy...

The ferris wheel at the amusement park was recreated with its most iconic pieces: the cars. They resembled mini red barns, but brought a very vintage feel to the historical attraction.

Before leaving Vienna, we made a point to see the well-known Vienna opera house. It was a beautiful thing. Although there was an opera scheduled the evening we passed by, we weren't very interested in attending. Opera just isn't my thing...

I would have loved to see Salzburg, but there just wasn't enough time or money to travel to all of the cities we would have liked to visit.

We left Vienna around dinner time on our last day and took the sleeper train to Florence. The ride was about 13 hours, and we were crammed like sardines into a tiny compartment.

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