Visiting Lucca, Italy, our European heritage

01 January 2011

Day 32: Saturday, July 3rd
It took a bit of convincing before boarding the train to Lucca, but we ultimately took the leap and splurged on tickets for yet another enjoyable day trip.

Our dad's family is originally from Lucca. With the medieval town only an hour from Florence, what reasons did we have not to pay a visit?

Lucca is a medieval town with it's walls still in tact. We entered the town through the walls, and we were kindly welcomed by an adorable woman. She was helping guests to promotional materials that coincided with the comic book theme covering the inner walls of the town. She spoke to us in Italian, and we each glanced at each other unsure of what she said. We smiled at her and continued looking at the items. She continued speaking to us in Italian and by the looks on our faces, she eventually realized that we had no idea what she was saying.

"You could be Italian," she said with a smile. "You fooled me!"

I'll take that as a compliment!

We helped ourselves to a few of the comic book materials and read up on the event as walked the thirty-minute walk around the walls.

Most shops were closing early since it was Saturday, but we still had a chance to pick up some handmade olive oil soaps, try on a few saucy dresses and enjoy the very best gelato in all of Italy. Many of the shops were enclosed within the Anfiteatro, or the old amphitheater that still remains within the town. It's a circular arena of buildings which now consists of shops and cafes. Our favorite shop in the Anfiteatro was Le Sorelle, the sister. How fitting!

Before taking the train back to Florence, we stopped at a gelateria called Crema & Cioccolata. It was the most incredible gelato we've had in all of Italy, and we've had about three different kinds of gelato a day. The flavors were rich and the texture was creamy. I'd go back to Lucca just for that!

Our trip to Lucca was very memorable, and a great way to celebrate our heritage.

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