Glacier National Park on horseback

12 December 2011

Of all the places I've traveled to in the United States, nothing has been quite as beautiful as Glacier National Park. This was our second national park along the drive, and it was well worth the early morning trip. On an off day of work, we drove from Missoula to Glacier in about three hours.

Lake McDonald took our breath away. The silhouette of the glaciers glistened over the water in such a serene and peaceful way. The views were outstanding, and we just couldn't get enough of it. 

We continued cruising down Going-to-the-Sun Road and came across yet another beautiful sight. The Glacial River was another body of water bursting with color. We couldn't believe how incredible the aqua color of the stream appeared, especially with how quickly it was flowing.

Before calling it a day, we went horseback riding with Swan Mountain Outfitters, the only outfitter in the park. We saddled up and rode through the rain forest and over Glacial River. The weather didn't quite cooperate and we finished the ride in the rain. But even with the rain, the feeling of the forest was so majestic. It was almost like the rain brought it back to life. 

I'd go back to Glacier in a heartbeat; it was the most incredible place.

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