Badlands National Park, South Dakota and wide-open spaces

12 December 2011

Since our summer in Europe, Holly and I have traveled quite a bit. Holly's been to Spain, Portugal and Hawaii. I've been traveling the U.S. for work and haven't left the country since. We're hoping to squeeze in a trip to Peru in April, so we will keep you posted.

In the meantime, I thought I would share with you some of my travels across the states behind the wheel of the Wienermobile. It's been incredible so far.

My coworker and I covered the Pacific Northwest for about seven months of our tour. We quickly fell in love with it. On our way to Portland, Oregon from Des Moines, Iowa we drove through a few national parks on my bucket list.

Badlands National Park in southern South Dakota was a beautiful sight. The rock formations are indescribable, and the rings of colors give the rocks even more dimension. There are plenty of trails to hike and winding roads to follow to view every inch of the beauty.

We walked all over the fossils, but didn't come across any big-horned sheep, bison or pronghorn that are said to be living in the rugged terrain. Hopefully you'll be luckier on your visit.

Before leaving South Dakota, we decided to make a pit stop at the well-known Mt. Rushmore National Monument. Many of my friends visited the site with their families when they were young, but our family never took the trip. Taylor and I loved the site, but that's about all there was to love. We thought there would be more there. I don't know what, but something! Maybe the audio tour would've given us that little twinge of excitement we were anticipating.

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