Day trip to Crater Lake National Park

12 February 2012

Although it wasn't the best time of the year to visit, we took the two hour drive from Medford to Crater Lake National Park anyway. And we were glad we did! This little beauty of a National Park is not to be missed. The crater is much larger than I ever imagined, and the blue of the lake is unmistakeable. I've never seen water so blue in my life.

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The park was quiet, as you'd expect in November. But the paths were open and available for hikers so we  took our chances and walked to Garfield's Peak. The views were outstanding, and the air was refreshing.

Trails are plentiful at the park, and there are designated camping areas for rent too. Throughout the summer months, visitors can swim in an area of the park and reserve complimentary guided trail hikes with park rangers. 

We stopped for lunch at the main lodge, which was a bit overpriced and not the most enjoyable meal. During the high season, there area a few more locations to grab bites to eat but unfortunately our options were limited. Upon leaving the park, we realized we were fairly low on gas and had no other option but to bargain with the rangers to spare a few gallons. It was pretty pricey, but luckily it tide us over until we reached the nearest gas station about 35 minutes away.
A day trip to Crater Lake National Park from
On our drive back to Medford, we spotted a few signs directing us to openings to view the Rogue River. It's a high-current river buried in the woods of Oregon. We pulled off the road for some photos and walked along the river for about a half mile. According to Oregonians, the Rogue River is a beautiful site in the state. It's best known for it's rafting abilities, which I wish I could've enjoyed while visiting!
A day trip to Crater Lake National Park from
The next time I visit, I think I'll plan for the summer... Oh, and a full tank of gas. Oops!

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