One-week vacation on the Oregon coast

01 February 2012

Being a Wisconsin native, I never considered the Oregon coast when making vacation plans with my friends or family. But knowing then what I know now, I wish my family would've taken the trip many years ago.

The towns along the Oregon coast are small but lively. Each area brings its own personality to the coastline, making our week in Rockaway Beach one of my favorite places yet. We rented a beach house for just $130/night. The house was just a short drive from a secluded trail to the beach and very convenient for our day travels.

Driving up and down 101 along the coast provides the most incredible views. If you look out across the water as far as you can see, it looks like you can see the curve of the earth. We drove from our beach house to Cannon Beach and then continued on to Seaside.

Visiting Cannon Beach was one of my favorite memories from Oregon. The haystack is giant, towering over smaller rocks just past the tide line. The water was as chilly as the wind, but it was refreshing to walk along the coast and enjoy a lazy-day afternoon.

While we were in Rockaway Beach, I celebrated my 22nd birthday! My sister and her good friend flew out to Oregon to stay with us for a few days. We kayaked in the beautiful Nehalem Bay, crabbed off the docks of the Jetty Fishery and visited a small vineyard to savor some local pear wine. Needless to say, the day was outstanding! I couldn't have been more excited to share those memories with my sister and good friends.

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