Road trip to the Redwoods

01 February 2012

On our drive from Tillamook, Oregon to Ukiah, California we drove down 101 through the Redwood Forest. These trees are unreal. I couldn't believe my eyes when we finally reached the forest.

Northern California is ideal for the growth of Redwoods because of the moist, marsh-like climate along this area of the coast. The towering trees can grow to live over 1,200 years, weigh more than 300 pounds and shadow over the entirety of the cool, foggy forest.

One of the oldest, largest redwoods in existence resides in the Humboldt State Park. We followed a few hikers out to check it out. It was truly incredible. If you look closely, you can see the bark twist as the tree reaches even greater heights.

On our way out of the parks, we reached an open area full of elk. They were napping and grazing as nearly one hundred tourists watched from a distance. This photograph is one of my favorites from that day.

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