One day in South Lake Tahoe

05 February 2012

Growing up, I always imagined a family vacation in the winter to sit around a fireplace in a log cabin, spend a day on the hills strapped into our skis, and snowshoe along trails until we couldn't feel our toes. But we had a backyard for all of that and then some, why go away?  

So, when we found out we'd be just an hour from South Lake Tahoe in late November, I couldn't wait to live my winter wonderland vision. Unfortunately (or fortunately), snowfall was minimal this season. Regardless, we had a picture-perfect day in the area.

We took a small hike to Taylor Creek where we saw the salmon spawning while the ducks paddled upstream. The mallards reminded me of my grandpa, who used to carve beautiful birds that rested on shelves around our home. My favorites were always ducks.

After a handful of photo stops and a few breaks for postcards and lunch, we made it to the highest point overlooking the lake. It was so beautiful! I can't imagine how incredible this place must look covered in white, powdery snow.

Our trip to South Lake Tahoe was definitely one of my favorite day trips we've taken thus far. I can't wait to go back with my family one day. It's truly a beautiful place.

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