Oregon's only drive-thru safari

02 February 2012

Driving from northern California to Seattle via I-5 is not the most scenic route to take, but it gets you from point A to point B quicker than the alternative -- so we gladly took it! We needed to make this drive worth the two-day trek, though. It's not like we were seeing view of the coast or revisiting the redwoods.

While driving through Winston, Oregon we noticed signs for a Drive-Thru Wildlife Safari. A what?! We crossed a few lanes of traffic and sped off the freeway before missing our exit and only chance at an exciting break in the day.

It turns out that this safari is the coolest form of a zoo we'd ever been to. Guests remain in their vehicles as they drive through Asia, Africa, Australia and more (well...figuratively speaking, of course). Animals meander through the open lands as freely as they please.

We climbed out of our sunroof and snapped a few shots of the animals we encountered. We loved some of their looks as we drove by them.

Most of the animals keep to groups of their own kind. But every once in a while, you'll see one animal find its way to another group of animals unlike itself.

This last photo is my favorite from the day. What a look!

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