Long weekend in St. Louis

21 April 2012

Aside from road trips, I'd never visited the state of Missouri. And based on my recent trip, it seems that the upper Midwest is quite a bit different from the lower Midwest states. To me, Missouri is part southern and part northern. Regardless, St. Louis is yet another fun city to explore wherever it may be.

The first stop on our list was the Gateway Arch. We traveled to the top of the arch in little pods with just enough elbow room for a handful of people. Despite fearing heights, the view was pretty cool! 

And thanks to our friends at work, we landed some free tickets to a Cards game a few months before they took the World Series! Even being a Brewer's fan, it was pretty fun to hang out in Busch Stadium. We finished the day with a few drinks downtown and a large pepperoni pie at Imo's -- well known pizzerias found across the city. 

But there were a few lesser-known attractions I wanted to explore while in STL. A friend of mine introduced me to Turtle Playground, which has four massive turtles to climb all over! Sometimes it's nice just acting like a kid again... We spent an hour laughing on their backs before sliding down and heading to Dewey's for yet another St. Louis pizza experience!

Another part of St. Louis I'd heard about was Forest Park. I've heard it's the only park in the U.S. that's  larger than Central Park. We drove around to the different areas, stopping at the theatre, museums, and running trails. There's so much to discover at Forest Park, and on an unseasonably warm day, many families were taking advantage of its grounds. 

The next time I visit St. Louis, I'd like to spend a little more time downtown. We strolled the blocks for an afternoon, but I'm sure there are many neighborhoods I didn't cover. I'd suggest a visit to City Park, which unfortunately isn't open on Sundays. But what adult doesn't love a playground built for kids 18 and over?

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