Iconic Minneapolis

21 April 2012

Being from Wisconsin, I'm not quick to admit that I like our neighboring state, complete with our long-standing sports rivalry. Although I'll pass on the Vikings bandwagon, I truly do love summers in Minnesota. And there were a few things I couldn't pass up during a visit to the twin cities!

Everyone has to check off their lists the notorious sculpture gardens, hosting the postcard picture of the oversized spoon and cherry. We weren't any different! Off to the gardens we went...

And with 10,000 lakes across the state, we knew we needed to spend a little time on the shores of Minnesota. So, we visited Lake Calhoun for an afternoon nap in the grass. During most times of the year guests can rent kayaks, canoes, paddle boards and paddle boats. We saw a few couples on rental bikes, too.

We enjoyed a late lunch at Hell's Kitchen, known for their incredible lemon ricotta pancakes. Well, we weren't very impressed. With nearly 500 reviews on Yelp, I expected much more! But it's worth visiting to make your own review.

With our hunger behind us, we trekked out to Minnehaha Falls. It's the No. 2 attraction in Minneapolis. The falls were great, situated in a park for a nice afternoon with a book or a picnic. There are lots of bike trails surrounding the area, too. We'll keep that in mind the next time we're in town.

Of course, a trip to Minnesota isn't complete without a stop at the notorious Mall of America. We stopped in briefly to take a little stroll. It's just as I remember, but certainly not the highlight of Minnesota. There's plenty left to see outdoors, which is where I think I'd rather enjoy my midwest summers.

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