The best of Nashville

18 April 2012

Nashville always has such a welcoming feel to me. There's plenty of things to do to keep busy and more country music than you could dream. My family is from Tennessee, and I remember hearing stories about how my Grandma spent her youthful nights at Tootsies lounge on Broadway when she was about my age. If I could go back in time, I'd certainly want to enjoy an evening with Grandma Eve in downtown Nashville. And with her in spirit, we toured Broadway until our feet hurt -- just as she would do! Then, we went back and did it all again...

One of the must-do items on our list in Nashville was the Grand Ole Opry. Unfortunately, the shows were being held at another theatre while we were in town, but we still stopped by to take a peek!

Later in the week we rented a car to check out Arrington Vineyards, owned by Kix Brooks of the Brooks Brothers. We sampled about eight wines before settling on a bottle of their outstanding Blackberry dessert wine. It was incredible! I also recommend sampling some of their chocolate-covered raspberries. They had to keep me from snagging the whole tray of them... The vineyard was only about 40 minutes from Nashville, so it was a great afternoon away from the city. Check out their calendar for evening entertainment at the winery. I've heard great things!

That evening, we enjoyed a true southern supper at Monell's in the company of many other area families. Monell's offers a family-style dining experience unlike your typical date night. You're seated at a table for 12 to 15, and you just never knew who you might end up bumping elbows with. You'll pass around stewed green beans, corn pudding, bbq ribs, fried chicken, brocoli salad, hush puppies and so much more. Take my advice and don't stop until you're too full to take another bite. For just $16, you stay until you're stuffed silly. I loved it.

To top off the night, we settled on two scoops at Jeni's on Eastland. There's just something about homemade salty caramel ice cream that I can't say "no" to.

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