One week in Omaha

21 April 2012

If you plan to cover the 50 states, I suggest you leave Nebraska out. Honestly, there's rather little to do! We visited Omaha for a week, and spent most of it at our hotel. To be fair, we were there on business. But we checked out the zoo, the old market and the pedestrian bridge. After that, there wasn't much left.

We walked across the Bob Kearney bridge until we hit the state line. Yep, we stood in two states at once! I hate to be negative, but neither Iowa or Nebraska are anything to brag about...

But one thing we discovered in Omaha certainly deserves bragging rights: Upstream Brewery. Aside from an assortment of microbrews to sample, you've got to order a bowl of the beer and gouda soup! Two of our four meals we spent slurping away at this delicious soup. Mmmm! I'd return to Nebraska for one reason: Upstream Brewery's beer and gouda soup.

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