Marriott's Kauai Beach Club resort review

03 February 2014

Loyalty programs are a traveler’s best friend, and it is places like Marriott’s Kauai Beach Club that truly make them worthwhile. While living out of a hot dog for a year, I racked up quite an impressive sum of points at various hotel chains across the country. The smartest decision I made was to multiply my points as often and easily as possible. Now, that’s a lesson for another post, but the truth is that the majority of my points were absolutely free, which translated to free stays in gorgeous destinations like Marriott’s Kauai Beach Club in Lihue.

We arrived using their airport shuttle service and were greeted with an all-you-can-drink (non-alcoholic) voucher for our stay and a complimentary upgrade to an ocean view suite! Not bad, eh? The room and view were absolutely incredible. (Confession: We posted this photo to our Facebook timelines and got a little heat from our friends who were weathering the gray, rainy winter days in Seattle. Let this be a warning of the possible consequences...) Being a Gold Elite Marriott Rewards member really pays off, let me tell you.
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The resort is tailored to just about any kind of traveler seeking a more luxurious Hawaiian vacation, but the bulk of visitors were retirees. Walking the resort in our swimsuits, we made a lot of friends with the older couples—haha! The BF even got a few whistles!

Unless we’re absolutely secluded, we like to escape the resort to experience the local culture, grab a bite to eat, and walk around the area. Marriott’s Kauai Beach Club offers two on-site restaurants and a gift shop, but also conveniently neighbors a shopping center, water equipment rental, mini market, and a handful of beach-side restaurants like Duke’s (I highly recommend Kimo’sOriginal Hula Pie here…yum!).
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Just as important as a resort’s ambiance is its staff and service—those, too, were top notch at Marriott’s Kauai Beach Club. The concierge staff rounded up a few discounts for our excursions, suggested well-loved local dining options [link], and even recommended roadside stops for our two-day island road trip. They were very personable, helpful, and honest in their suggestions. What more could you want from your hotel staff?

We loved being able to book our Enterprise rental right on the resort property, making our two-day road trip excursion a breeze. Not having to travel back and forth from the airport to get a rental saved us time, which was better spent enjoying beautiful scenery on our drive to Waimea Canyon.
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When we weren’t laying out at the resort’s incredible pool (it’s gigantic, in case you didn’t notice), there were plenty of activities on deck to keep us active: morning yoga, nearby kayak rentals, lei making, native entertainers, fitness classes, happy hour specials, musicians, etc. It was just enough of all the right things.

If you choose to book a stay at Marriott’s Kauai Beach Club, note that there are a few considerable taxes and resort fees to inquire about before confirming your reservation. I think ours averaged to be about $25 per day, and I think that’s per room rather than per person (but I can’t promise that). Regardless, it’s worth it! We loved our stay at Marriott’s Kauai Beach Club! We can’t wait to head back to the island and visit their other resort. We’ll just go ahead and add that to the bucket list now…
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