We're Giving Away our Travel Budget Planner for Free!

07 May 2015

We often get asked how we are able to afford traveling so frequently. The truth is, we budget like crazy! For us, budgeting is a constant practice. We both integrate savings for travel into our monthly cost of living so that we always have some wiggle room to play with.

To stay on top of our goals and ensure we are making conscious financial decisions both at home and abroad, we developed a travel budget planner and tracker. And guess what. We're giving it to you for free! Because that's how much we love you. 

Here's how it works:

The first tab will enable you to track the upfront costs you predict for your trip, like accommodation, flights and transportation, pre-booked tours and so on. Optional fields help you track actual money spent, because sometimes the opportunity to go stand up paddle boarding in Tahiti just presents itself, and you can't say no. Then, the tracker will automatically calculate the difference so you can see where you may have overspent or saved some dolla dolla bills. 

Here's the cool part. We like to save little by little and paycheck by paycheck. So, at the top of the page, if you enter in how many paychecks you will receive before your next adventure, this little baby will tell you how much you need to put away each pay day to save up. Hooray for magical formulas!

But that's not all folks.

Do you ever find yourself half broke on a trip and have zero recollection of where all of that money went? We know the feeling. So, we like to save all of our receipts and use the second tab to keep track of money spent while traveling. Just enter in the amounts you spent by day within the appropriate categories, and voila! A pretty, colorful genie graph appears to tell you where your money is going! How rad is that?

But guess what. We have more magic in store. Remember when you filled in your planned travel costs before you left for your trip? Well hey! All of those values are here too! In fact, this sheet will tell you how much of your total budget remains and will also calculate your average daily spend. Did we just blow your mind a little?

We know keeping track of your money while adventuring is often the last thing you want to do, but it's one of the best ways we've been able to afford our traveling lifestyles. So, we've made this budget planner and tracker as simple as possible. It's even a Google Sheet so that you can save it to your Drive and access it anywhere you go! 

So how do you get one of these bad boys? 

It's easy cheesy. Just subscribe to our email list below! Then, check your inbox to confirm your email address, and shortly after, you'll receive a link to download your very own budget planner and tracker. Hooray!

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If you don't receive the link in a timely manner, please reach out to us, and we will ensure you receive your copy. When you get a chance to use it, let us know what you think! We're always looking for ways to improve. Hope you enjoy it! 

Disclaimer: This giveaway is intended only for our email subscribers. We know it's a GoogleDoc and is easy to share, but we've made it that way so that it's easy for you to use and access! Please kindly invite your friends and family to subscribe to receive their own copy rather than sharing it. Thanks! 

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