My Quest for the Perfect Travel Purse | Baliloca Purse Review

25 June 2015

I've been on the hunt for the perfect travel purse for quite some time.

My requirements aren't lofty. It has to be small enough to pack easily into my bag, yet large enough to fit all of my essentials. It has to offer the ability to compartmentalize my belongings so that I can find things easily, and it can't be too bulky or heavy to handle during a long day of walking. I need something that is durable with zipper closures to reduce the possibility of getting pick-pocketed. And last, but certainly not least, it has to be something that I wouldn't mind wearing at home. 

Is that honestly so much to ask for?

Just as I was beginning to think that my search for the perfect travel purse was a fool's errand -- I mean honestly, you'd think I was trying to find a freaking unicorn -- I heard about this one from Baliloca. Cue immediate intrigue.

I felt a little bit like a tiny tike in anticipation of Christmas morning while waiting for my Baliloca Travel Purse to arrive. The first thing I noticed, surprisingly, was the way it smelled. This is premium leather, folks! My boyfriend later told me that he thought I'd stashed a cow somewhere in our apartment. Lolz. 

Despite its complicated appearance, the purse is actually quite easy to wear. You simply put each arm through each hole just like you would a backpack, and voila! The purse stays put just below your left armpit. It's completely hands-free, and I really felt like I could do just about anything with it on. You can select a neoprene option for sporty activities, but I chose jet black in leather because I wanted an everyday option.

The security factor is the biggest win for this purse. Although it's not slash-proof like some other models on the market, someone would realistically have to not only get up close and a little too personal, but also slice both sides for this thing to come off, thanks to the cross-strap design. It remains snugly in place below your arm, and I felt pretty confident that I would feel prying hands reaching for the zippers. I mean, someone would basically have to stick their fingers under my armpits, and I'm ridiculously ticklish, so the whole stealth mode thing would be totally ruined.

All joking aside, I really dig this purse. It has two separate pockets, one that can hold a passport or my iPhone 6, and the other for cash and credit cards. Of course, it only expands to about two inches when full, so I wouldn't recommend using it for more than you might normally store in a money belt. The only draw back for me is that I'd still have to wear my camera around my neck, and I'm not sure I'd really feel comfortable regularly wearing this around Chicago since it slightly resembles a gun holster.

Sound like a pretty good deal? It gets better! At the time of this review, Baliloca is having a sale, so you can snag your very own for a reasonable price at $39.95! The purse comes in four cool colors and can be worn either over or under your clothes. 

As for me, the quest for my perfect travel purse continues, but with this one, I feel like I've gotten incredibly close!

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