SHOLDIT Travel Scarves | A Hidden Pocket for Your Belongings

01 June 2015

Scarves often make my packing list. When you pack light, fashion is sometimes something that unfortunately gets quickly sacrificed. But scarves help make any outfit I wear look like I actually tried, so I kind of love them.

What's better than an accessory that's easily packable, lightweight and makes you look like a normal human? How about one that adds a dual usage to that list! Enter the SHOLDIT Basic Clutch Wrap Scarf -- a piece that's not only fashionable, but also functional.

The SHOLDIT scarf features a hidden pocket to discreetly store your belongings while you're out and about. I was really excited to give this product a try because I'm always looking for practical ways to keep my valuables safe, and money belts -- though effective when worn correctly -- just aren't really stylish and kind of make me feel like a granny. These scarves come in tons of fun colors, but I picked black onyx so that I could pair it with any outfit. 

The scarf is 100% polyester and very soft, so I could wear it all day without getting irritated by it, though it's not really designed to provide warmth. The fabric features a slight ribbing pattern, which doesn't quite fit with my normal aesthetic, but I could get over that for the added safety feature. At 31 inches long and 10 inches wide, you can let it hang long or loop it twice to wear it infinity style. It can also be worn around the shoulders like a shawl, and it packs down into a clutch for multi-use. 

I first noticed how durable the fabric felt, but it's very lightweight, and though the models on the packaging tuck smartphones into it, I was quickly skeptical about how much it would realistically be able to carry. I managed to easily fit my passport, a few credit cards and some odd cash in the pocket, but as soon as I slipped my iPhone 6 in, the scarf became noticeably bulky to the point where it sagged unattractively. When I emptied everything out except for my phone, an obvious bulge unfortunately remained. 

Since I can't head out without my camera, this scarf wouldn't be able to replace my small purse that I use while traveling anyway, so I would still have a place to store my phone. Plus, I think I would feel kind of ridiculous reaching into my scarf to access my phone in public, but it would have been a nice option to conceal it if necessary. It's always helpful to store credit cards and cash in multiple places in case of pickpocketing or theft, so this scarf is definitely going to replace another in my bag!

At a reasonable price of $29.99, you can pick out your own at SHOLDIT's online store. Let us know what you think of it!

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