Top Tools that Every Traveling Professional Should Have in Her Arsenal

24 August 2015

Juggling a schedule that is quickly maxed out by a fast-paced career, time with family and friends, working out and eating well, getting my travel fix in and generally just trying to be some kind of adult is tough work. And on top of that, I like to try to stay plugged into the world going on around me, but let's face it. Ain't nobody got time for that!

If you're reading this blog, I'm going to go ahead and guess that my lifestyle sounds a lot like yours. So, how exactly do I get shit done and still go to Iceland? 

One word: simplification. I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve that I'm about to share with you. And they may just blow your mind a little. 

How to Follow What Everyone Else is Talking About at the Dinner Table

This handy little newsletter is exactly what it says. It aggregates all of the top news stories from across the web into a digestible little roll-up that gets delivered to my inbox every day. Best part? It's written in real human language instead of news-speak, and each story is probably about 500 words or less.

Source: The Skimm

If you find the Cheat Sheet to be a little overwhelming -- and believe it or not sometimes I do -- then you're gonna love this one. You can get The Skimm delivered to your inbox every morning Monday through Friday. It condenses the top stories into five or six features with quick, witty synopses so that you can literally (you guess it) skim it and get on with your life. The snarky-ness of this newsletter is what gives me all of the feels, and the company recognizes dedicated readers almost like a community. Awww!

How to Make Your Friends Jealous by Finding a $600 RT Flight to Istanbul, Turkey

Travelzoo's Top 20
Listen up. If you haven't already subscribed to Travelzoo and its Top 20 Weekly Deals email, then we cannot be friends anymore. This is normally where I would tell you I'm just kidding, but I am not this time. For travelers of any experience level, this is a rookie mistake. I've gotten a vacation package to Iceland with hotels, flights and tours all for under $950, traveled to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico for $750 with rountrip airfare included, and booked a last-minute weekend trip to D.C., all thanks to Travelzoo's Top 20 newsletter. I'm ok with it.

Source: Wandertab

Wandertab Chrome Extension
Have you ever wished that your browser would just do the searching for amazing flight deals for you? Well, now it does! Simply download and install the Wandertab Chrome Extension, and voila! Any time you open a new tab in your browser, Wandertab supplies you with the latest flight deal to just about any where in the world. It uses your location to bring you deals most relevant to you, and it also gives you a very wanderlust-worthy background to look at rather than that ugly old Google search bar. I just refreshed mine three times and got flights to Corfu, Greece for $903, Marrakech, Morocco for $906 and Quito, Ecuador for $912. BRB going to buy some tickets.

The Flight Deal
This is one of my favorite pages to follow on Facebook. Based on your location, The Flight Deal will publish killer airfare sales to destinations all over the world. Right now, I can see roundtrip airfare on American Airlines to Beijing, China, for $680. Not bad!

How to Make Sure you Didn't Accidentally Spend Next Month's Rent on Said Flight to Turkey
This is one of my favorite little tools. You can see your credit score, track your spending as well as set up budgets and long-term savings goals all in one nifty little app. Connect your bank accounts, credit cards, loans, investments and much more all through one so-easy-to-use-even-my-mom-can-do-it (hi mom!) interface to get an all-in-one picture of what's going on with your finances in real-time. Mint ports in all of your credit card transactions (read about their security here) and categorizes them for you to spit out one pretty little graph that shows you where all that hard earned cash keeps disappearing to (spoiler alert: your Uber account). And, it will even make recommendations to you on how you can save more moolah! Can't hate that!


Travel Budget Planner and Tracker
This one is a must. When we first started traveling, we needed to do it on the cheap, so we crafted a pretty neat travel budget tracker and planner that we use on each upcoming trip. It enables us to quickly and easily predict travel expenses for a trip we're planning, actualize costs, and keep track of day to day spending while on the road. That way, we can be certain we can actually afford the trip and set aside the funds needed. And, guess what! We'll give it to you for free if you subscribe to our email list (spam free, scout's honor). Because friendship.

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